Crisis Management

MWPR, Inc. believes having a proactive position is the best strategy. Media and consumer research, along with our on-going media counsel, is available long before a crisis occurs. Working directly with the client, we develop a tailor-made Crisis/Reputation Management plan that includes media training and message development for key spokespersons to deliver.

Brand Protection

The misuse of a brand can create unwanted attention, a misrepresentation of its core value/message or even worse – an unexpected crisis. MWPR, Inc. has the sensitivity and seasonal expertise needed to manage and elevate any brand.

Media Training

MWPR, Inc. created a specialized training, where through a tailored experience, a client is not only able to shape their message and determine their method, they are walked through how to deliver the message effectively through identified mediums. MWPR helps to ensure that the right words leave the right impression.

Social Media

MWPR, Inc. understands the importance of specialty marketing. MWPR, Inc. has the ability to create marketing and communications strategies that speak specifically to any target audience. MWPR, Inc. partners with individuals and organizations that will directly connect the client’s specific needs to a particular audience.

Visual Voice™

Recognized brands showcase their latest product, message or movement by way of visual content. However, MWPR, Inc. believes that a client’s presence or #visualvoice speaks before one word is spoken. We help to strategically shape the visual brand so it compliments, not contradicts because we believe “everything speaks”.

Speaker’s Bureau

Many MWPR, Inc. clients are sought out to share their unique and influential experience and perspective on the national and international stage. We manage the entire process for them, so they can focus on making an impact.

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